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Aquadrive: Sizes & Ranges

New from Aquadrive: ModuLine

After years of design work, analyses and testing, Aquadrive USA is proud to introduce the next generation of anti-vibration systems; Aquadrive ModuLine™ - designed incorporating the latest engineering and material technology, applied to Aquadrive's well proven and world renowned concept for smooth and quiet boats. The new generation provides an extremely light and compact unit, easy to install and maintenance free. CALL US for more details on Aquadrive ModuLine™.

Which Aquadrive?

This depends primarily on your engine's HP. Scroll down the chart to find the appropriate series for your application.

NOTES:*Call us for more information on the new Moduline™ Systems**Power rating depends on shaft speed.

Your Application

Quote sheet

Description ModuLine*
Up to 35hp

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This baby Aquadrive has been popular for years with yacht auxiliaries and other small diesels up to 35hp.  CVB 05.5
Up to 45hp (Commercial)
Up to 65hp (Pleasure)

**See Note

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The mainstay of the range for years, the 20100 has sold in tens of thousands for use with pleasure boats engines up to 65hp and commercial up to 45hp
** depending on shaft speed.
CVB 10.10
Up to 75hp (Commercial)
Up to 100hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20200 Rather larger than the 20100, the 20200 will take pleasure engines up to 100hp and commercial to 75hp. As ever, the power rating depends on shaft speed. CVB 15.10
20280 The addition of "80" means the provision of a special heavy duty thrust bearing for commercial vessels or very large yachts. The 20280 uses the same Aquadrive joints as the 20200. CVB 15.10
Up to 110hp (Commercial)
Up to 160hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20300 Famous for a decade, this unit has been used with countless engines of up to 160hp for pleasure, and around 110hp for commercial. The drive shaft part has also been used as a transmission for water jets on hundreds of boats. CVB 21.10
20380 The larger, very heavy duty, thrust bearing allows the 20380 to be adapted for use on towing vessels with very high shaft speed. CVB 21.20
Up to 175hp (Commercial)
Up to 250hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20400 Designed for commercial boats with engines up to 175hp, the 20400 will also handle turbo engines up to 250hp on pleasure craft. CVB 30.20
20480 The 20480 with a specially larger thrust bearing, handling similar powers but in very heavy duty applications. CVB 30.20
Up to 250hp (Commercial)
Up to 350hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20500 A brand new intermediate size with all the advantages of the rest of the range, the unit fills a gap by covering pleasure engines up to about 350hp and commercial engines to 250hp. CVB 32.30
20580 Once again the heavier thrust bearing allows the use of this unit in very heavy duty applications such as trawling. CVB 32.30
Up to 400hp (Commercial)
Up to 600hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20600 This proven drive shaft is now available with a slightly larger thrust bearing to take higher torques, allowing its use with pleasure craft up to 500hp and commercial to 350hp. The drive shaft by itself forms a popular transmission shaft for engines up to 600hp at 2200rpm. CVB 42.30
20680 This unit has proved itself again and again over the last ten years, running with pleasure boat engines to 600hp and commercial up to 400hp. Not Established
Up to 800hp (Commercial)
Up to 1400hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20700 The massive new transmission joints allow much higher torques to be used taking the rating to 1400hp for pleasure and 800hp for commercial. Not Established
Up to 1100hp (Commercial)
Up to 1700hp (Pleasure)

**See Note
20780 The King of the range. A completely new system accepting up to 1700hp for pleasure use and 1100hp for commercial use depending on shaft speed. Not Established

Aquadrive Dimensions

The major dimension of each Aquadrive are shown below. More detailed measurements for each system are available from your distributor, and it should be noted that the length of each unit will vary slightly depending on the coupling for differing gearboxes and propeller shafts. The length measurements shown are therefore maximum and minimums. All figures are in millimeters. Scale tracings are also available for each system.


























SERIES MEASUREMENTS (Refer to diagram above)
CVA Classic ModuLine A B C
20000 CVB 05.5 244mm, 9.60" 108mm, 4.25" 200mm, 7.87"
20100 CVB 10.5 408mm, 16.06" 100mm, 3.93" 200mm, 7.87"
20200 CVB 15.10 428mm, 16.85" 100mm, 3.93" 200mm, 7.87"
20280 CVB 15.10 446mm, 17.55" 120mm, 4.72" 200mm, 7.87"
20300 CVB 21.10 480mm, 18.89" 120mm, 4.72" 200mm, 7.87"
20380 CVB 21.20 511mm, 20.11" 140mm, 5.51" 240mm, 9.44"
20400 CVB 30.20 564mm, 22.20" 140mm, 5.51" 240mm, 9.44"
20480 CVB 30.20 579mm, 22.79" 160mm, 6.29" 255mm, 10.03"
20500 CVB 32.30 645mm, 25.29" 160mm, 6.29" 255mm, 10.03"
20580 CVB 32.30 480mm, 18.89" 194mm, 7.63" 280mm, 11.02"
20600 CVB 42.30 612mm, 24.09" 194mm, 7.63" 280mm, 11.02"
20680 CALL US 668mm, 26.29" 200mm, 7.87" 380mm, 14.96"
20700 CALL US 876mm, 34.48" 200mm, 7.87" 380mm, 14.96"
20780 CALL US 807mm, 31.77" 300mm, 11.81" 460mm, 18.11"


 Here are the installation dimensions for all aquadrive sizes. 

























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