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The revolutionary design of the Aquadrive System allows for most excess noise and vibration to be eliminated.
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Whether you use your boat for recreational or business purposes, you owe it to yourself to try out the smoothest, quietest, most vibration free driveline on the market: Aquadrive.

And at Drivelines NW Service is Job One: we are here to bring you quality products with exceptional customer service, so if you need help with your application please do not hesitate to contact one of our marine drive shaft specialist for our professional help.

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AQUADRIVE anti-vibration system not only reduces the need for precise alignment between the engine and the propeller shaft. It also eliminates the need for stiff, hard mounts. This leads to better space utilization while dramatically reducing vibration and noise. Some of the most distinguished boat builders in the world use AQUADRIVE as standard equipment, Grand Banks, Fleming Yachts and Hinckley just to mention a few. AQUADRIVE covers inboard installations up to 1500 HP.





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Which Aquadrive system is right for your boat? With 14 different CVA models designed to match boats powered from 5hp to 1500hp, Aquadrive is sure to have a system that's right your boat. Whether you are a professional installer or a boat owner looking for better performance, we can find the Aquadrive system that's PERFECT for your boat.
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The world's top Boatbuilders know that high speeds, spacious cabins, and attractive lines don't matter to customers if their boats are noisy and uncomfortable. From luxury yachts to tour boats to stealthy military vessels, Aquadrive systems are taking the noise out of boating. Who uses Aquadrive? To name a few:
* Belkov Yacht J-Boats
* Caliber Yachts         
*Krogen Yachts
* Carolina Classic Lyman Morse
* Chuck Paine Designs Marlow Explorer
* FBI Shoreline Marine
* Fleming Yachts Ted Hood Yachts
* Grand Alaskan U.S. Navy
* Gold Coast Yachts Walt Disney
* Hinckley Yachts Zodiac
* Hunt Designs


Nothing ruins the peace and quiet of a day on the water more than engine vibration and the noise it creates. You can go hoarse just trying to have a normal conversation. Your arms can begin to feel numb just holding onto the wheel. It's difficult to find a comfortable place to simply relax.

Boatbuilders spend a lot of time and money trying to baffle, muffle, or otherwise soundproof their boats - often with limited results.

At Drivelines NW, we know that the best way to cut engine noise and vibration is to stop it before it starts. Our Aquadrive anti-vibration systems go right to the source - the engine, propeller and prop shaft - to cut vibration and noise by as much as 50 percent.

Whether you're buying a new boat or plan to upgrade your current one, Aquadrive will give you what you want from your time on the water: peace, quiet and performance.


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